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Dealing with the Disability Office, Medical Students, and, Oh, So Much More

Two doctors’ appointments today…one with TN (psych) and one with JS (phys). My primary objective was to get the letters I needed for the oh-so-offensively-named Disability Office signed by each. Everything else was just gravy.

TN wanted background. We got to…high school. She asks a lot of questions. Also, TN insisted on putting the letter on her letterhead…which took a good fifteen minutes of appointment time. Such is life.

JS was training a med student. Who didn’t read my chart before examining me. I was annoyed by how he kept interrupting me…then I figured out that he honestly thought that I must have been finished. Nope. JS also decided he needed to demonstrate the concept of fibromyalgia tender points to this student. Needless to say, I was not pleased.

Staying on the anti-spasmodic and the weird combo of anti-depressants, only one of which is being used to actually treat depression. Hooray for successful off-label use of generic drugs!

Exhausted. In pain. Ruing the purchase of gross pizza from Gino’s…never going back there again. Yuck. I’m sticking with Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s, thanks. Normal night.

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First meeting with TN

Fgh.  That’s the closest I can get to the sound my brain is making right now.

First meeting with the new psychologist (who, with the initials “TN”, will inevitably be called “Tennessee” in my head from now on.  Great.) today (despite my failure at calendar-keeping that sent me there last week expecting some psychological relief).

I hate first meetings with therapists.  There’s sooo much paperwork, especially when you have to give a detailed account of all past abuse, self-harm ideation/attempts and suicide ideation/attempts, and go through all of the depression/anxiety checklists.  The latter basically sounded like this:

TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: Yes.
TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: Yup.
TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: Yes.
TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: Um…I don’t think so.
TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: Yes.  Oh!  Wait!  That last one was yes, too.  Sorry.
TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: Yep.
TN: *Peanuts Teacher Voice*
DBR: zzzzzzzzzz

Fun, fun times.

The psychologist (herebefore-and-after referred to as TN because I really am that lazy) said that my affect was good, and I seemed only moderately depressed today.  Hooray.

Hopefully we can get into some of the more urgent problems next week.  Until then, I’ll still be here, feeling relatively shitty and unable to do some of the more emotionally demanding tasks on my plate.  Thank goodness for pain meds, for wheelchairs, and for very nice apartment managers (what do you call the landlord’s son who does all the maintenance?) who lug your chair inside for you with apparently little effort as you struggle to keep up going up the steps to open doors.  It’s been a terrible couple of days pain-wise, and all of those things and people have been so very helpful.  I’ve gone to work, and done everything that needed to be done, and it’s been great.

Time for a nap.

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