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This should be fun.

Today is Colin and my fraternity’s anniversary celebration, which I have been responsible for planning.  We are meeting at Frank Reed Horton Way (named after our founder somehow?  I’m hoping to get that story tonight…), then heading on to Giordano’s.

Giordano’s is delicious, delicious pizza.  The most exciting thing I’ve eaten all week was cheese and crackers last night.  I also had juice.

I don’t care, I’m getting sick.  Bring on the pizza.



Apparently, I don’t get to digest things this week.

And it’s just a part of fibromyalgia, so I can expect this in the future.

Also, there’s nothing the doctor can do about it, except hook me up to an IV if it goes on for a really long time.


P.S.: Look at how not-gross this post is.  You’re welcome.

Open Letter to Those Without CFS/Fibromyalgia

Someone was kind enough to compose an open letter to those without CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Please, please, please read this letter.  While many of the points don’t exactly fit my situation, most of the advice for those who care about people with CFS/FM is spot on.

Oh, Fibro Fog.

You are not being helpful by assaulting me full force on a day when I have to make a lot of phone calls.

Also, pain that only let me sleep from 6 am to 2 pm yesterday and not at all today?  Kindly go away.  Thaaat could be worsening the fog a bit.  :/


The extra pain has a distinct cause; on top of the stress of traveling and overextending myself for holiday visits (a planned expenditure of spoons, but a costly choice, nonetheless), my doctor-pharmacy-insurance hate triangle are Not Cooperating, so I have had the joy of skipping doses of my anti-spasmodic.  Yay!


Aw, WordPress gave me a surprise video of a slam dunk with inspirational music.

It knows I’m having a bad day… *sniffle*


Tumblr‘s still better.  Shhh.

Well, then.

Yeah, that sounds familiar.

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